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bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
21 Jul : 16:17
Happy Birthday Pitbull ;-)
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
10 Jul : 01:17
Happy Birthday Nee :-)
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
06 Jul : 15:08
ok M8 thanks for info, ill do it asap
bullet [TFC]*P.Escobar
06 Jul : 13:42
guys the cod4 ff on server could need a restart... shows the 999 to everyone..
bullet {PnX} Nee268
27 Jun : 16:37
Click Me
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
24 Jun : 19:27
Crash FF/On Forum Click Me
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
24 Jun : 19:24
Use the forums Guys thanks
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
24 Jun : 19:24
WFT Why start a topic in the friggin chat box?
bullet {PnX} Nee268
24 Jun : 18:36
Hey guys, we'll try do something about the hackers and general assholes on the CoD 4 servers.
bullet Danny
24 Jun : 17:49
^^ ok I misunderstood you lol and i can’t remember that we‘ve ever played together, i’m “Pitt-Rivers“
bullet [TFC]*P.Escobar
24 Jun : 16:46
haha i didnt say you sound like a member :) just wanted to know if we ever played together^^
well in our clan we have a system which was very good. if someone did not behave a public player can warn him on the system. this gives 1 point to the players behavior-account. if an admin kicks someone it gives 2 points. and if you get 5 points you get banned for a week, at 6 points permanently. ofc if someone just randomly warns you you just complain about it at the admins. this kept our servers quite clean... (nowadays its just too empty)
bullet Danny
24 Jun : 16:23
You’re right, my posts sound like I’m an admin or real PNX member, but I’m not. It’s my opinion and I dont speak for PNX. I would say I’m an dedicated PNX Supporter and I observe the development on the COD 4 Servers quite a while. It’s complicated to enable an efficient, balanced system to ban players which are not acting by the rules. And the withdraw of Punkbuster in January hasn’t made it easier. The best and easiest way would be that the Admins respectively Members would play often on the server. But Cod 4 is an relatively old game . We have to respect when PNX is turning towards other games like Rust or BF4. So the Situation is difficult.
bullet [TFC]*P.Escobar
24 Jun : 14:47
well by hacking i meant guys with rpd getting 10 headshots in 10 seconds.. yes i agree insulting shouldnt be a ban.. but thats why i said you should tell the story, maybe post a screenshot. today i played 2 hours and some regulars were on, behaving good. but then a guy comes on and starts calling kurwa to everyone who kills him... i mean its really not necessary. maybe the system i proposed is way too harsh, but i think its sad that in cod 4 there are still those kids who cant lose and always insult/teamkill/start tubing. i made several screenshots were that happened today.. btw under what name do you play and are you an admin? :)
bullet Danny
24 Jun : 13:14
Dont get me wrong, it’s good that you make suggestions to improve the situation on the server, but i've seen it a numerous times that, for example, someone who plays bad accuses annother player to hack or something only because he’s frustrated. Following your suggestion we will have many wrong accusations and as a consequence unjust bans. The accusers not always have good intentions.
bullet Danny
24 Jun : 12:04
Such a system opens the floodgates for misuse, the bar to ban someone must be set high, hacks are enough I think, if someone is glitching or insulting he must not get banned immediately. If we do it like you say the server will be a police state where everyone complains about every little shit. IN RELATION TO CLEAR HACKING I AGREE WITH YOU. And apart from that, the situation on the server is not so bad as you describe it, I’m playin regularly and most oft the players are acting by the server rules.



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