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bullet {PnX} Woody
05 Nov : 07:17
Goodmorning AllūüėČ
bullet {PnX} Woody
09 Aug : 18:12
Gefeliciteerd Chicken!
bullet {PnX} Sharky
09 Aug : 17:19
congrats chicken!!!!
bullet {PnX} MITCH
09 Aug : 09:27
Happy Birthday Chicken
bullet {PnX} ChickenHorse
08 Aug : 20:41
Cheers gays :)
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
08 Aug : 18:20
Happy Birthday Chicken :-)
bullet {PnX} Lewiss
08 Aug : 15:02
Happy birthday Chicken noob!!
bullet {PnX} SugarDaddy
07 Aug : 17:58
Welcome to the clan ,weldone!
bullet {PnX} Witcher
07 Aug : 16:31
Welcome Jim and Nero!
Have Fun!!!!!
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
06 Aug : 21:40
Welcome Jim and Nero to the Clan :-)
bullet {PnX} Witcher
06 Aug : 17:48
He Guys Congratulations for the War yesterday!!!
I m sad i cant play yesterday!!
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
05 Aug : 20:56
Excellent Result #BF3 well played all ;-)
bullet {PnX} Booyakaa
05 Aug : 20:46
bullet {PnX} PaulStorm
05 Aug : 17:19
Thanks sharky for the Donation :-)
bullet {PnX} MrKnight
05 Aug : 16:15
when can I sign up for the last 2 cod4 wars?



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Welcome to Team Phoenix Homepage

Thanks for taking the time to sign up to our website,
If you find you are not able to get to any area of the site,
Then just message us via, PM or the forums.

We Have 2 BF3 Server's
{PnX-Clan.Com} - {32 Slot Conquest Server}
Plus {PnX-Clan.Com} - {24 Slot Match Server}

{PnX}BFBC2{Conquest Server}

We Host 3 COD4 Crash Servers

{PnX-Clan.Com}-{Crash 24/7} FF-Off

Crash Search & Destroy 24/7 FF-On:

Also {PnX-Clan.Com}-{Pro-Mod 24/7}

{PnX-Clan.Com}-{GMod Server}

{PnX-Clan.Com}-{Minecraft Server} mc1.pnx-clan.com

We are also on Teamspeak 3:uk2.voice.gamingdeluxe.co.uk:9006 We have a mix, of Public & Clan Channels, And host Match Server's in both COD4 and BF3

Join us on TS3 Click Me

BACK UP TS3 Connection Info: uk2.voice.gamingdeluxe.co.uk:9006


Game Servers UK

Posted by {PnX} PaulStorm on Friday 04 November 2011 - 11:30:02
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